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Why Is It Hard to Make Friends Over 30?

[Opinion] The Daily Mentality We Choose To Have

[Opinion] The Daily Mentality We Choose To Have

The theme of my life this year (or I suppose, so far) has been: Happiness, gratitude, and relationships.

I have been documenting my life — through (1) photos on a weekly/monthly basis, focussing on the people around me and one-to-one relationships I have with each person on weekly basis via my (2) calendar events, and learning to be grateful for the different friendship/strangers around me each…

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[Poetry] Untitled.

She sits with her legs crossed, socks on, and hair down her back.
Peaceful and calm, her heart has intervals of a steady beat and spurts of a racing stead.

Virtually surrounded by the constant flashes and incoming taps of calls.
They come with a lot of text and a verbal emotion, but the intimate touch is missing.

The shouting sounds and sirens beaming from a world illuminated by light all hours of the day.
The world is your oyster, falsely your master, and how ignorant we sometimes are towards its beautiful; its glorious nature.

This is a generation.